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Randy Goodall

Downloadthescruffsfullversionforfree High Quality

the scruffd daemon makes it possible to run scruff as a service for all users. you can run scruffd in the background with no user interface. this allows you to start downloading while doing other work, and to control the scruff recording in the background.


if you need to, you can select and start recording scruff videos only by using the web ui. when you use the web ui to record scruff videos, the web ui will not be disabled. the web ui runs as a separate process to scruffd, and does not need to be running.

if you want to have a consistent scruff desktop client experience across all users and your machine or the web ui, you need to make sure that the same database records are stored locally. the best way to do this is to configure your local machine to store a copy of the scruff recordings database on your system.

install.packages rstudio_install_packages (type = "source") devtools:: devtools (type = "source") devtools:: devtools ("install_sdist") devtools:: devtools ("install_bundle") devtools:: devtools ("install_github") at this point, the scruff package is now available in the r ecosystem as a dependency of the strava package. the scruff app is in active development (v1.2.2) and is designed to provide a secure and centralized way of tracking and communicating activities on strava and roadware. the app is currently limited to track your activities on strava, but we intend to add roadware in the near future.

to access the source archives, you will need to provide an access token from strava. once you have a token, you should also link your strava profile to the app. once you are logged in, the scruff home page should look like this:


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