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30 Days Productions brings together emotional tracks performed by various Mid-West artists.  Each of the 13 songs on the compilation articulate a life experience that resonates universally.  With the impact of American cultural storms, titles such as “Make It Home” and “Said We” capture the raw truth in love. With audacity, the track “Narcissist” hits while exposing narcissism.  This One-Stop album diversely includes two ballads, “Can We Be Us” and “A Man’s Ballad” while adding instrumentals and lo-fi music to ride to. 


Shotgun Annie’s Stories Over Drums features artist’s such as Tia Le’Shae, the legendary Roger “Dodge” Parker, Cadillac SLIMM, Marc Lee of Anhur Records and the team (the machine) that pulls it all together. Stories Over Drums is one to watch for. 

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Shotgun Annie’s
Stories Over Drums

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