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UNPROTECTED | Black Girl Open

"I'm not suppose to be here."

She and I are a lot alike. We didn’t grow up together; we didn’t attend the same schools. I only know of one school she attended.  I didn’t know her favorite color or what movies she liked, but it was obvious that we were sisters when we were together. She is my only blood sister.  We both got from our father something only we two share, his personality, his “Ima do me” approach and his smile. He was a dope fiend since the age of seventeen.  We were his girls, his daughters. Life can turn in a split second. One incident can change an entire life. UnProtected: Black Girl Open shares the stories in motion to the healing.  

UNPROTECTED | Black Girl Open - The Background [Part 1]

UNPROTECTED | Black Girl Open - The Incident [Part 2]

UNPROTECTED | Black Girl Open - The Interrogation & Juvenile Detention [Part 3]

UNPROTECTED | Black Girl Open - The Transport [Part 4]

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