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The Modern Pneumatic Airgun By Hm 17

Guns featuring air propelled projectiles are among the earliest devices capable of pneumatic operation and largely led to innovation in more advanced firearms. Since these guns are essentially ancient technology now, why should you get one? What benefits would you find in using an air rifle over a firearm? Should you invest in a pellet gun despite already owning firearms?

The Modern Pneumatic Airgun By Hm 17

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While the Nitro Piston technology does have some advantages, I have spoken with serious airgunners that say they tend to have more problems with nitro piston air rifles. Another thing to consider is pellets, particularly 0.177 pellets, which are really only designed to fly up to 950 feet per second (this rifle is rated at 1200 FPS). Any faster than 950, and it can cause the pellets to tumble and YAW in flight, leading to serious accuracy issues.

I never tested this air rifle, but Corporal Goins recommended this rifle in his PCP air rifle review, and after reading other positives I had to add it to the list. Corporal Goins worked in the airgun industry for years so I definitely trust his advice.

The first airgun can now be found in a museum in Stockholm and consisted of bellows being pumped to fire small projectiles. Beginning in the 17 century, air guns utilizing .30 to .51 caliber projectiles were used to hunt game such as boar and deer. Air rifles of this time period largely used some type of charging pump, such as bellows, to fill a reservoir with air and a trigger mechanism to unleash all of this pent-up air all at once, launching projectiles at velocities never before seen. Some ancient air guns were capable of 1000 feet per second (FPS)!

Telescopic sights magnify the target and make it easier for the shooter to precisely place the shot. Because of their unique whiplash recoil, spring-piston and gas ram airguns require an airgun-rated scope. By contrast, PCP, pump-up, and CO2 powered airguns do not require an airgun rated scope.

Welcome to We The Plinkers! Each of us at Airguns of Arizona has a love for airguns, and we too are plinkers! So when it comes to putting together airgun combos, we decided to package products that we know work well, and stand up to the quality you come to expect from AOA. We call this series We The Plinker!

Out of all the places you can buy an airgun, Airguns Of Arizona has the most knowledgeable people. They are very helpful and IMHO respect their Customers. I have been very satisfied with the many purchases I have made.

The most I knew about airguns was what a guy can buy at wally word. That was until I spoke with Airguns of Arizona. First time dealing with Airguns of Arizona their on hold message goes on and on about customer service. I've heard this jargon like many of you have a million times. With most companies those are empty words. Not the case with Air Guns of Arizona. The gentleman I spoke with understood my needs. He had a suggestion of a gun almost immediately. He explained to me the brands, what each one I was interested in would do for my needs, how they work, what scope options would be best and so on. Being an avid firearm collector you absolute do not get this kind of service from a firearms store. Now in less than a week I've gone back and purchased a second much larger pellet gun for coyote hunting and more accessories. EVERY phone call is answered back in a timely manner. Believe me I call A LOT when I'm new at a thing. Every time anyone I have spoken to has been extremely courteous, patient and knowledgeable. These guys definitely have my future Air gun and accessories business.

Vesuvius carried three 15-inch (38 cm) cast-iron pneumatic guns, invented by D. M. Medford and developed by Edmund Zalinski, a retired officer of the United States Army.[3] They were mounted forward side by side at a fixed elevation of 16 degrees. Gun barrels were 55 feet (17 meters) long with the muzzles extending 15 feet (4.6 meters) through the deck 37 feet (11 meters) abaft the bow. In order to train these weapons, the ship had to be aimed, like a gun, at its target. Compressed air from a 1000 psi (70 atm) reservoir projected the shells from the dynamite guns. Two air compressors were available to recharge the reservoir.[2]

As an Engineer/Physicist, I was appalled at the products designed for paintball pressures being passed off as capable of 4500 PSI. Most were selling under-rated foreign-made paintball gauges, fittings, hoses, or chrome-plated brass quick disconnects only rated 1200-2500 PSI on their 4500 PSI tank, etc. that would regularly burst! I decided to do something about it, and so I offer the BEST Fittings, Hoses, Adapters, Gauges, etc. and GUARANTEE the BEST PRICE and QUALITY! As you peruse this website, you will notice one thing. All of these products are the highest quality available PERIOD! Notice the abundance of STAINLESS STEEL fittings where others use chrome plated brass, aluminum or other inferior metals that fail. We have grown to be recognized as the number 1 source for BEST QUALITY and LOWEST PRICE for filling your Marauder or similar Pre-Charged-Pneumatic (PCP) airgun. And now we sell and STOCK the full line of all major brands of PCP (PreCompressed Pneumatic) air rifles, including the Benjamin Marauder, KALIBR, Vulcan, as well as Rapid Air Weapons (RAW) PCP Air Guns. Click here for list of Pre-Charged-Pneumatic (PCP) airguns.

The mid-size tank is our newest 71 Cu Ft (410 Cu In) tank, called the "TIGER SHARK DELUXE". These are AMERICAN MADE like all our tanks. They are very light, weigh less than 10 Lbs, & Measure under 19" long by 6.5" diameter (sans valve). If you have an FX Rifle with 180 CC Air Tube (and you re-fill from 2000 to 3000 PSI), you would get about 56 refills with the Tiger Shark. If you have a Marauder you would get about 47 refills (if you re-fill from 2000 to 3000 PSI). The Tiger Shark is perfect for use with the Shoebox compressor. You'll have a 4500 tank that is fast to air up and still gives a number of fills to your airgun.

If you are thinking of buying a tank, I suggest the Great White version with DIN300 valve and Hose Assembly $679. Nicest you will ever see. Everything you need to fill a Marauder or any airgun with a male quick disconnect, from tank to STAINLESS STEEL Quick Fill, i.e. LARGE High Quality 2.5" STAINLESS STEEL Glycerin-Filled Dual BAR & PSI gauge (no guessing for PSI), Improved Bleeder, 3 Ft Micro-Bore Hose with large STAINLESS STEEL STRAIN RELIEF AT EACH END to prevent kinking, and STAINLESS STEEL Female Quick Disconnect included at no additional cost. This tank will waste less air than other tanks that don't use this special DIN300 valve (since the gauge & bleeder are all contained in the valve and not an add-on assembly).

Option #1 Second Gauge that constantly shows pressure inside the Great White. (patent pending) All of my tanks come with the Highest Quality U.S. Made STAINLESS STEEL Glycerin-Filled Large 2.5" Gauge with BAR & PSI Scales that show the pressure in the hose that is filling your airgun. This second built-in gauge will allow you to know the pressure remaining in your Guppy or your Great White (so no need to buy a Dead Head that can get lost). This is on special for $39 when purchased with airtank and I highly recommend it. (See pictures below). This option CAN NOT be added to other brands of airtanks. I have replacement DIN300 TJ3 valves (just like on my tanks) for SCBA tanks or other types of tanks.

Option #4 Regulated DIN300 Hose Assembly. If you would like to shoot your rifle basically forever, without refilling it, this is the set-up! Tether your airgun to either your Guppy, Tiger Shark, or Great White (or any DIN300 tank) with this highest quality hose set-up. ALL STAINLESS STEEL FITTINGS AND GAUGES (Glycerin Filled!).

Option #2 STAINLESS STEEL Handtight DIN300. These are a very nice DIN300 Handtight fitting that replaces the wrench tight fitting the connects the hose to the Guppy or Great White (I am not referring to the other side of the hose with the STAINLESS STEEL Female Quick Disconnect that fills your airgun). This is convenient so that you don't need a wrench to remove the hose 1) when filling your tank at the SCUBA shop, 2) Traveling with your tank 3) Storing your tank. This is a finely crafted and machined STAINLESS STEEL DIN300 that looks like a piece of jewelry. It is the finishing touch if you want the ultimate system and convenience (click on the second picture to see how nice it really is! (Normally $59, on special for $49 when purchased with airtank)

Option #4 Regulated DIN300 Hose Assembly. If you would like to shoot your rifle basically forever, without refilling it, this is the set-up! Tether your airgun to either your Guppy or your Great White (or any DIN300 tank) with this highest quality hose set-up. ALL STAINLESS STEEL FITTINGS AND GAUGES (Glycerin Filled!)

OWN A SHOEBOX COMPRESSOR? Want to fill your paintball tank or airgun directly from the Shoebox with the best setup available? Includes a very High Quality STAINLESS STEEL Bleeder, STAINLESS STEEL BAR/PSI Scale Liquid-Filled Gauge, pair of 40 inch MicroBore Hoses with STAINLESS STEEL Female Quick Disconnects on each end. All this for only $149. MADE IN USA!

Our regulator can be added to any Hose Assembly I sell. Useful for filling airguns or paintball tanks from a 4500 or 6000 PSI tank, or if you wish to shoot your rifle from a bench while tethered to your air tank so that you have a constant fill pressure (great for big bore rifles!). Also fill your smaller air tank or air rifle from a large 6000 PSI tank more safely. Many other uses too! Add this optional regulator to our Hose Assembly, and you can easily dial-in the output pressure to your Air Tank to 0-5000 PSI via the large easy to turn black knob. Comes standard with 80" hose and my STAINLESS STEEL USA MADE Glycerin-Filled Gauges.


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