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File Backup Mikrotik Rb750

If you have never experienced a hardware failure or even just a software crash that caused you to lose some important files, you can count yourself as one of the lucky few PC users. As for the rest of us, who at some point had to deal with this painstakingly annoying problem, we learned how to use backups to keep our files safe and avoid headaches. If you never went through this but still use regular MikroTik backup for redundancy, hats off to you; keep up the good job.

File backup mikrotik rb750

Download File:

Despite computer hardware becoming more and more reliable, there are still countless circumstances in which your data could be lost or corrupted. Be it a hardware failure, unexpected power outage, software bug, or an inexperienced intern accidentally deleting the wrong thing (professionals occasionally do it as well), having a recent backup of the lost/corrupted files just makes life easier for all PC users.

You will not need to go digging in the recycle bin for that accidentally deleted file. Neither will you have to redo that important excel document for your work. As for MikroTik, you will not have to try and remember all the previous configurations you have created and manually redo them. Simply restore the previously created backup and enjoy being back on your feet with minimal downtime.

If you were previously unfamiliar with the concept or process of backups, we hope you learned a new neat computer feature that you will start using more, as well as why it is so important to frequently create backups of your files. We are also happy to present this short yet comprehensive tutorial on how to backup MikroTik configuration. In this way, you can easily secure your MikroTik server. If you have any questions or have any issues, leave a comment below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

You may also want to copy the backup file to your computer should the router crash and you need to restore the last good setting.Select the backup file, click the Copy button:


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