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Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster

[S1E15] Best Kept Secret |WORK|

Wang Miao is thrust into a world of secrets and conspiracies as he attempts to uncover the truth about The Frontier of Science. Despite his best attempts, he quickly finds himself in over his head as he tries to grasp the unfathomable power of the organization. He must race against time to figure out the connection between the suicides and the mysterious group before it's too late.

[S1E15] Best Kept Secret


Annoyed by Lucas's growing popularity, Nathan searches for his weak spot and finds it in Haley James - Lucas's best friend. After convincing the team to aggressively haze Lucas, Nathan seeks tutoring help from Haley and tries to befriend her, after all, nothing could hurt Lucas more than seeing his best friend help his worst rival. Haley finally agrees to help Nathan but requires that they keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Brooke develops deeper feelings for Lucas. Karen must face some not-so-friendly acquaintances from the past in the form of moms she went to school with who judge her and Lucas. Peyton becomes furious with Lucas when she discovers that he secretly submitted her drawings to a local newspaper, but despite this, she meets with the editor and gets her realistic (albeit depressing) drawings published via her own column.

To prevent nuclear weapons from being launched from a secret U.S. nuclear silo, the team has to prod the memory of an injured former Secret Service agent. Drew proposes that moving to Maine might be best for Ralph. 041b061a72


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