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Unlike Nintendo games made in Dreams on PS4, Nintendo can't really put a stop to a PC game once it's been released on the Internet. It will just be kept alive through torrents and other sites. AM2R, for example, is still easily downloadable to this day.

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The Xbone is not even fully compatible with 360 or Xbox games. It requires an update for you to download the game off the server to your system as the 360/Xbox disc is basically just a DRM check. The PS4 is not even backwards compatible! To play PS3 games you need a PSNow subscription! And that is to just stream the games at varying quality. Let's take the Last of Us, to play that on your PS4 you need the PS4 version. To play it on your PS3 you need the PS3 version. Notice your double-standard? Sony does not care about anything pre-PS3 look what they released Jak 2&3 as? Look at the Rachet and Clank collection? When was the last time they did anything with Legacy of Dragoon or Twisted Metal? What about playing God of War 1&2 on your PS4? You can only buy God of War 3 on it (the PS4) when the PS3 had the Complete Saga collection on it!

@Crono1973 Not all PS2 games are downloadable on PS4. Only the ones that got ported can be downloaded and they have MASSIVE PROBLEMS. And where is God of War 1&2 on the PS4? Where are they? There is God of War 3! But, where is God of War 1&2? That is a Sony-owned IP! Why would they only release the third entry of a trilogy on their console but, not the first two? And the fact that most PS3 games are close to unplayable because they are "online-only" is equally as bad! Sony even forces you to pay full price for PS2 and PSOne games you already bought on the PS3! Sony is a joke when it comes to BC and defending an at best an okay service called PSNow is laughable.

@Crono1973 I think Sony is worse because they lack the love and care of actually providing their legacy in a presentable way. Say what you will about Nintendo, but they'd never push a service that most consumers cannot even make use of and most of the ports being fundamentally broken or not even to the same quality they were on the original console. The fact that most PS3 games are unplayable on the PSNow due to lag. Or IF a PS2 game can be downloaded it is a buggy mess. Sony does not care about preserving their history and the really poorly implemented way they're going to do BC on the PS5 is just... shameful. A badly implemented on the basics BC is just not good... I'd rather a barren service that runs these games as intended, or just not at all.

Even during the height of the Wii VC days, ROM sites, ROM hacks and fan games were very much a thing. People will always download these games because they're free, doesn't matter if Nintendo has them on their digital store or not.

If you use these services but agree that PSNow introduces bugs and is generally not playable for most PS3 games and the PS2 games that can be downloaded introduce bugs and are not visually the same as on the PS2... then how is it better then NSO? Is it the quantity of games on a service or the quality of the release that makes you think that way?

And PS4 games work because you are using PSNow as a renting service and downloading the games off of Sony's server onto your system. But, if you try to stream PS2, PS3 or even PS4 games on your system if you do not have excellent connectivity... they're unplayable or introduce laggy audio that can break the experience. That is not saying if downloading most PS4 games from PSNow will even be an option on the PS5. And what about the PSOne support? Where is Legend of Dragoon, Silent Hill or other PSOne classics you bought off of the PS3? Why can't I run those on my PS4 and I have to repurchase those games? Not even at a discounted price like the Wii to Wii U's upgrade service. You have to pay the full amount again if those games are even released at all.

@Trajan OBJECTION! I'm not saying NSO is a fantastic service. At the end of the day, a subscription for it costs me maybe a cup of coffee a month. And most of the time games that show-up on PS+ don't even interest me. But, when discussing the porting work Sony has done with PS2 games, and the fact that their streaming service is close to non-functional for most titles is just sad. Considering you're paying for PSNow ontop of your PS+ subscription that is bonkers that they can release that kind of service and people will pay for it for a substandard way to experience PS3 and PS2 games. It's basically a glorified renting service. As soon as you stop paying for PS+ or PSNow you lose access to those "FREE" games and anything you downloaded through PSNow.

Let's compare that to just PSNow which is $12.99 a month and there are no PSOne games, PS2 games are shoddily emulated at best, and PS3 games are particularly unplayable with their streaming service. The best part of that app is just being able to download games that you don't even own your basically just renting them. You're paying a substantial amount of money your money should be going to the least a service that functions 99% of the time without requiring an insane internet connection.

Just because a service exists does not make it good. Playable is a very low-bar for something to pass. If you're paying $12.99 a month you should be getting at the least an authentic experience with these games without being blamed if your internet is bad or if a game can be downloaded getting an overall inferior product to something released almost two decades ago.

And look I'm not saying downloading current games for a fee a month is a bad thing. But, I'm just saying is if a service is advertised as the best way to experience PS2 and PS3 games it's best feature should not be the fact that you can use it to basically rent PS4 games. That has nothing to do with BC and you brought it up as if it was related to BC when it's not. When we know that out of the thousands of PS4 games a hundred of them will maybe be playable on the PS5....

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