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What is a JTLANK.

What is JTLANKShotgun Annie
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JTLANK is the acronym for J -Just T-To -L-Let -A- A N-Nigga K-Know.

JTLANK Just to let a nigga’ know.

Now for those opposed or offended to the word nigga’ you have the God given option to replace the N with an N word of your choice.

Notwithstanding the JTLANK is something that you do to communicate your position with a person who has mistakenly thought that you were playing with them.  With some people, telling them multiple times to not play with you or mistake you for street booty simply does not work.  You have to show them. You have to do something Just To Let A Nigga’ Know   

See I had this boo 
Lets just call him Frank 
Now he is where it began 
This thang called JTLANK 
He was slick of sorts 
And knew I loved him well 
Had me looking for him
Calling hospitals and jails 
Worried I was 
Cause bih that’s my bae 
But I had to let him know 
Nigga don’t play 

I will roll up like nigga hold up 
You know my rank 
Just To Let A Nigga Know 


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