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Chakravakam Serial Last Episode Video

The serial is into second generation then having Munna, the son of RK Naidu as the hero, who has been orphaned due to the bomb blast who is brought up in a criminal background by a don Sikandar Bhai. Munna falls in love with Devi who is the niece of Selva. Selva feels attached to her as she resemble Selva's wife Meenakshi. Hence he decides to get her married to his elder son Eshwar. Due to some clashes Munna and Eshwar get into heated arguments and fight. But Munna and Devi become friends and her marriage with Eshwar is called off when she reveals her true feelings for munna on the day before wedding, bothering her parents, Eshwar and his grandmother. Munna and Devi get married. Munna plots to attack DGP RK as a part of his criminal life but decides not to because of his good nature and later learns that RK is his father. Munna unable to face his father, hides his identity and changes his name to 'Mahendhra' and starts a health service called AHS to serve rural people and comes back to RK after protecting RK from a bomb blast. While he is away, Devi goes to stay with RK's family by hiding her identity saying that she needs protection until her husband Munna comes back. Meanwhile, RK learns that Munna aka Mahidhar is indeed their son Mahi through Selva Swamy. In Meanwhile, Pallavi and Durga love each other despite their parents' rivalry. RK's family accepts Devi as their daughter-in-law and Devi conceives. The story ends with the two families of RK and Selva uniting by getting Selva's sons married with Dharma and Satya's daughters and also they learn that Dharma is alive.

Chakravakam Serial Last Episode Video

Created by Naidu Manjula, Chakravakam is a successful and very popular serial and broadcasts on Gemini TV. It was launched on 3rd November and with 1111 episodes, it lasted till 15th February 2008. Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd studios created Romance, Drama and an Action, 3-in-1 genres. A.R.C. Babu, Selvaraj, Likitha, Ramaprabha, Sagar, Ms. Ramaprabha, Mr. Madhu, Mr. Bhel Prasad, Mr. Selvaraj, Ms. Vennela, Ms. Sameera, Ms. Preethy Nigam, Mr. Jakky and Mr. Rmakrishna are the main stars in this series and climbed to the top of the audience ratings.


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