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The Heavy Project

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What is the Heavy Project?
What is the HEAVY PROJECT?
  • The Heavy Project is a social creative project, an artistic conversation. 

  • The Heavy Project Lyrics Video is the conversation starter.

    • Watch the Video, catch the vibe, and share your thoughts. ​

  • The Heavy Project Instrumental Instrumental Clip (Below) is the conversation tool (the venue) where we share our stories, hopes and heavies. It is the common ground for our HEAVY. 

Orators, poets, rappers, teachers, coaches, mommas, daddies, aunties, preachers, uncles, cousins…

Let us hear your voice. Share. What’s your Heavy? What is heavy to you about your personal situation in our current climate. What do you hope for those who are coming behind you? We want to hear your voice.

  1. Download the Heavy Instrumental from above on another device (computer, tablet, other cell phone etc.)  

  2. Play the heavy instrumental on that device 
    Note: You can use the voice recorder on your phone to record your "heavy". 

  3. Record your version over the instrumental. 

  4. Save and share/send the file to the email address: 


Let us hear your voice.


The Heavy Project is a social creative project. Freely given, freely received. Play with us (but don’t play with us).


We'd love to hear from you

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