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Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Serial Key [TOP]

Microsoft Office 2000 (version 9.0) is a release of Microsoft Office, an office suite developed and distributed by Microsoft for the Windows family of operating systems. Office 2000 was released to manufacturing on March 29, 1999,[1] and was made available to retail on June 7, 1999.[5] It is the successor to Office 97 and the predecessor to Office XP. A Mac OS equivalent, Microsoft Office 2001, was released on October 11, 2000.

microsoft office 2000 professional serial key


This MS Office 2000 ISO (code name 9.0) was the third edition of the Office suite to integrate Office Assistants without product activation. Same as previous versions (Office 97), Microsoft also released Office Service Packs 3 for Office 2000 ISO. Microsoft has ended official support for office 2000 on June 30th, 2004. Are you looking for Office 2000 ISO file?

Honestly speaking, Microsoft is the only official dealer to deal with activation licenses and product keys for Office 2000. Looking for a free product key over the internet is just a wasting of time and data. If you have lost the office 2000 activation key, you can download a fresh copy of Office 2000 ISO, install it on your PC and use it without activation.

BEST OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Microsoft's Windows 2000 Professional ($319) is our top choice among operating systems; it combines Windows 9x user-friendliness with NT management and security. It's a natural fit for office systems and business-oriented notebooks, but home users can stay with Win 98 (or 95) for now. 350c69d7ab


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